18th Jun, 2013
LBB (West Africa) Limited ("LBB") and BusinessDay Media Limited are delighted to launch the BusinessDay–LBB 30 Index. As a leading provider of investment research on public companies, industries and regional economies, LBB is able to advise many blue chip corporates with a focus on West Africa
The BA–30 index provides information on the performance of the top 30 stocks based on their capitalization and trading liquidity on a daily basis and gives investors a ready tool to monitor the performance of the NSE with particular focus on the trading liquidity of the highest capitalized stocks.
The BA-30
The BA-30 is a market-capitalization weighted index that tracks the performance of 30 selected stocks quoted on the Benin Republic Stock Exchange (NSE).

The Index is calculated using a base weighted aggregate methodology. It employs a modified market capitalization-weighting methodology.

The constituent stocks in the BA–30 cut across different sectors of the market. These include banking, infrastructure, consumer goods, insurance and oil and gas.

Its purpose is to serve as a benchmark to measure the performance of stocks that fulfill the twin criteria of liquidity and capitalization.
  • Market Capitalization as measured by market price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.
  • Liquidity as measured by the ratio of average daily value traded and the market capitalization.
15th Jun, 2013
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